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Isabel Stern in 'The Erotic Aquatic'

Isabel Stern - The Erotic Aquatic

Isabel is a sexy petite blonde babe out for an erotic night with her boyfriend. As the exotic fish flutter around in the aquarium next to their hotel bed, the younger couple copulates and reaches new sensual heights. She takes his dick deep throat into her mouth, and he returns the favor by licking her wet pussy with relish. Isabel moans with pleasure as he takes her from behind, pounding her bubble butt doggy style like an animal. Her natural breasts sway back and forth with each lusty primal thrust. Soon the intensity is too much, and her man needs to placate his energies by busting his nuts right into her sweet pussy for a hot cream pie finish.

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Isabel Stern in 'Purple Toy'

Isabel Stern - Purple Toy

Dressed in a little black number that hugs her slim curves and makes her look like a million bucks, Isabel Stern is ready for either a night on the town or a night on her back. She knows she can have one without the other, so why not just get naked and use a dildo instead of leaving home?

Isabel Stern in 'Join Me'

Isabel Stern - Join Me

Reading romance novels gives Isabel Stern some seriously sexy ideas that she can't wait to play out with the help of her talented fingers and of course a vibrating toy. How can you say no to this bubbly babe with her do me smoky eyes and her moans of sheer pleasure as she edges herself?

Isabel Stern in 'Do You Want Me'

Isabel Stern - Do You Want Me

New and oh so eager to please, Isabel Stern is the type of girl who'll be the one to take you home and fuck you, then boot you out in the morning when she's had her fun. If you can handle that, then definitely come have some hardcore horny fun with this hotblooded babe.