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Kittina Ivory in '21Sextury' - Sexual Healing (Daily Sex Dose)

Young cutie Kittina Ivory is worried about something with her pussy and wants the good doctor Ross to check her out. She's about to have a very thorough evaluation! Watch this delicious babe get her sweet pussy licked and fucked until she receives some warm cum in her pretty mouth!

Released : November 2nd, 2017
Tags : Blowjob, Babes, Brunette, One on one, Cumshot, Natural tits, Small tits
Male Models : Nick Ross

Pictures from Kittina Ivory in '21Sextury' Sexual Healing

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Kittina Ivory in 'Kittina Ivory'

Kittina Ivory - Kittina Ivory

Gorgeous Kittina Ivory is alone in her bed and grabs her big double ended dildo. After taking off her panties, Kittina plays with her wet pussy before sliding her dildo between her legs and fucking it.

Kittina Ivory in 'Good Morning Anal'

Kittina Ivory - Good Morning Anal

Pretty lady Kittina Ivory likes to be ass fucked in the morning. The beautiful angel offers her tight butt to Raul Costa who takes good care of her. He starts by stretching her anus with a butt plug before he introduces his throbbing dick balls deep into her.

Kittina Ivory in 'Kittina's Dildo Dose'

Kittina Ivory - Kittina's Dildo Dose

Kittina is craving big thick cock. She takes her big black dildo and slowly puts it inside of her bare wet pussy. Each thrust of her dildo brings her pleasure as she moans and gets wetter and wetter.

Kittina Ivory in 'Sexual Medicine'

Kittina Ivory - Sexual Medicine

Sick stud Nick Vargas is getting serviced by the lovely nurse Kittina Ivory, after cleaning him and measuring his 17 cm cock she decides to give him the perfect medicine for his disease: a good dose of cock sucking paired with an all you can eat of her juicy cunt.

Kittina Ivory in 'Sharing Me Time'

Kittina Ivory - Sharing Me Time

Zack surprises Kittina in the midst of masturbating to porn! She must have found something hot. Kittina explains that it's been awhile, and that she was having some 'me time'. Zack sees no shame in that, and seeing the glimmer still in her eye while she looks at him, touches her thigh and leans in to please and fuck pretty and aching Kittina.

Kittina Ivory in 'Kittina Fingers for Fun in the Library'

Kittina Ivory - Kittina Fingers for Fun in the Library

Minxy Kittina scolds our man for overtly flirting in the library, only to be caught reading erotic literature, two fingers in her pussy! No harm is done though, on the contrary. The dutiful duo gets it on in the classiest of studies, being everything but quiet.

Kittina Ivory in 'Steamy, Hot and Arousing'

Kittina Ivory - Steamy, Hot and Arousing

The running hot water is almost a joyful, almost sensual experience for Kittina. When the water cascades down along her curves often turns her on… and when it happens, she starts to play with her silky kitty. But this time, when it happens, she is not alone. Someone is looking at her, watching as she plays with herself and wants to join the fun.

Kittina Ivory in 'Bared Feet'

Kittina Ivory - Bared Feet

Kittina's feet are beautiful both with and without stockings and she is aware of it. She also has a similarly perfect radar to find feet loving guys. Guys like Mugur who would do anything for sexy feet like hers.

Kittina Ivory in 'Sexual Tension'

Kittina Ivory - Sexual Tension

When Zach steps into the room, he knows that today he will get laid... it is in the air, the vibrating sexual tension that surrounds Kittina like a cloud. It is there in her glances, in her motion, in her smile. The handsome guy doesn't have to do anything but to enjoy the ride the hot brunette gives him.

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Kittina Ivory in 'Vacation in mountains'

Kittina Ivory - Vacation in mountains

Kittina Ivory and her older boyfriend Fernando finally got a chance to have a small vacation in mountains where they rented a cozy house. Champagne, soft light and passion did their job and the sex was wonderful! She missed his old, but still hard dick so much! She wanted to give him a hot long and deep throat blowjob. And the old man dick was totally ready to penetrate that small pussy! He made Kitty moan from his lips licking her sweet pussy...

Kittina Ivory in 'Dirty Doc Wants Patient To Wet His Cock'

Kittina Ivory - Dirty Doc Wants Patient To Wet His Cock

This dastardly doctor must have misread The Hippocratic Oath! Because as soon as he gets his brunette babe on the exam table he starts a fondling and then fucking! What about her injury you pervert!

Kittina Ivory in 'The Interior Decorator'

Kittina Ivory - The Interior Decorator

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