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Norma in '21Sextury' - Norma is Back (Lusty Grandmas)

Granny Norma is back in the new year because she cannot get enough of the young cock and believe it or not, she is even hornier than ever. Her partner has to tough up to keep up with the lusty grandma and satisfy all her needs... but if he manages, Norma won't be ungrateful.

Released : January 1st, 2015
Tags : Mature, Granny, Big tits, Big butt, Hairy, Short hair

Pictures from Norma in '21Sextury' Norma is Back

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Norma in 'Granny Booty Call'

Norma - Granny Booty Call

Horny granny Norma is in her bed when she gets a call from her lover Rob. She gets excited because it's a booty call and he is coming over. Since her husband is asleep, Norma lets Rob in to her house and deep into her hairy wet pussy. Rob pounds his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy, then blows his load all over her sexy lips.

Norma in 'Rob Loves Norma's Pussy'

Norma - Rob Loves Norma's Pussy

Hot granny Norma gives the camera a little show by playing with her big tits and hairy pussy. She licks her own nipples and plays with herself before Rob comes to join her. Rob loves Norma's pussy and what better way to show her that than by licking it? He begins to lick her hairy pussy before she sucks his cock. His dick is hard and ready to be inside this lusty grandma!

Norma in 'Ageless Love'

Norma - Ageless Love

Horny granny Norma and sexy young Linda Love spend a hot lesbian moment together. They are all wet and enjoy the ass and pussy licking. It's always a real pleasure to watch a young lady learn with an experienced woman!

Norma in 'Magic Hands'

Norma - Magic Hands

Rob received Norma on his massage table. He uses his magic hands and his magic wand to remove all the tension in Norma's old body. She's in heaven with the warm oil all over her vintage body. You're never too old for a young cock!

Norma in 'Granny's Hairy Pussy'

Norma - Granny's Hairy Pussy

Granny Norma gets her hairy pussy licked by babe Aysha. Aysha helps this lusty granny get wet by licking her hairy pussy.

Norma in 'Goldilocks'

Norma - Goldilocks

Busty granny Norma shared a bed with young Rob. She already knows that his young hard dick can satisfy her vintage treasure!

Norma in 'Sexy Selfies And Ass Eating'

Norma - Sexy Selfies And Ass Eating

Naomie sends Norma some pictures and the two giggle over them. Why not take some selfies while they're at it? They quite enjoy spending time together, and it's not that often that they actually get to be in the same city. Might as well document it! Already in their pretty underwear, the girls take advantage of their predicament and turn an impromptu photo session into a full-on ass-eating party for two.

Norma in 'Fixing It Up'

Norma - Fixing It Up

Rob is at Norma's to fix her dishwasher... in all her years as a librarian, that just isn't a skill she acquired! However, she hasn't lost her naughtyness, that one's still sharp! Norma sees Rob eyeing her d?colt? and likes it, making sure to bend over further until he gets the point and they thrust into it.

Norma in 'Room for young males'

Norma - Room for young males

Norma loves to give out rooms to young guys. She finds them adorable and from time to time she has the luck to taste their young cock and then please her granny pussy with them. Her latest room-guest, Rob, doesn't mind the attention. He doesn't have a girlfriend anyway and Norma obviously knows how to enjoy a dick.