Vanda in 21Sextury - Four Babes On A Boat (Teen Bitch Club)


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Jessie, Naomi, Vanda and Daniella are set up for a wild day on a boat. They are very excited and embark on a luscious boat, but soon the shaking of the waves turns them on and they let themselves loose on a crazy lesbian orgy. All aboard!

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Lesbian, Teen, Babes, Black Hair, Blonde, Foursome, Natural Tits, Small Tits


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Vanda - Art School Homework

Vanda - Art School Homework

24th July - Ahh classic art, figure, form, the and the beauty of painting the youthful form the European masters strove to bring you the same aesthetic that Webyoung tries to embody now. Vanda and Mary Sweet, two gorgeous young teen girls with flawless bodies find themselves in the middle of a nude study that quickly turns into a steamy afternoon romp. Lovely Vanda is laying on the couch, her lithe young body fully exposed as Mary attempts to capture it's beauty on canvas. Soon though, the temptation to become part of the art is too much and Mary makes her way over to our lovely model and begins to eat her sweet shaved pussy. Vanda loves watching as the eager young teen licks and fingers her achingly tight pussy, swirling her soft wet tongue around her now throbbing clit as she runs her fingers through her girlfriend's hair. With the precision of a master at work, soon Mary's expert tongue draws out her lesbian lover's orgasm as Vanda's tight teen pussy clenches around her fingers. But now it's Vanda's turn to stroke, suck, and lick at the lovely young blonde. Laying her on her back, Vanda slides two fingers into Mary's shaved little pussy and begins to pump them in and out, while gently kissing, sucking, and nipping at her delicious pink nipples. Pushing Vanda's fingers deeper as she thrusts up one final time, Mary clenches and cums, moaning breathlessly into the ear of her girlfriend. This young lesbian couple have mastered the art of lust and passion. ...Read More
Vanda - Big Foreign Naturals!

Vanda - Bustyz

1st November - Today we take you a foreign across the Atlantic and introduce to you Miss. Vanda. Very sexy european woman with huge naturals!!When you see those huge busting out of her shirt, then oiled and fucked and your heart rate doesn't triple, pls proceed to ...Read More
Vanda - Catfight

Vanda - Catfight

6th July - Blonde teen Vanda is feeling a bit mischievous and decides to pick a fight with her girlfriend Bailey. After taking a tumble around the room and an adorable little pillow fight, the girls have lost some clothes and found themselves extremely turned on from their playful little spat. After calming down, the girls notice the lust in each other's eyes and Baily seductively climbs on top of her lover. After making out for a few moments, Vanda's hand slips between Bailey's legs and begins to toy with her succulently shaved lips before beginning to eat the tanned tart. Licking, fingering, and occasionally taking a break to suck on a delicious brown nipple, Vanda is an expert at pleasing and teasing her girlfriend and ultimately sending Bailey into the grips of orgasmic bliss. Not one to be selfish with love making, Bailey lays Vanda on her back and slips two fingers between her slim pale thighs and into her warm and wet teen pussy. Making out with her the whole time, Bailey quickly finger fucks her eager teen pussy to an equally intense and intimate orgasm. The girls then cuddle up and spoon, their affection and adoration for each other written all over their faces. Vanda smiles sweetly, knowing she got exactly what she wanted through her troublemaking... ...Read More

Vanda - Take Your Pecker To College


12th July - David Perry is teaching college and giving extra instruction to first year students Vanda and Marcus Dupree. When this professor first enters the classroom, however, Vanda is engaged in cock sucking, blowing Marcus, but Mr. Perry puts a stop to that--for about five minutes. Soon enough he's angling his boner into Vanda's face too, casting all caution to the winds in these days when even looking cross-eyed at a coed gets an instructor in trouble. But THAT'S in the real world--on the other hand, this is DDF University, where teachers get head alongside their students! That's the world as it should be, right? Are YOU ready to go to this college wi... ...Read More
Vanda - Love Chat

Vanda - Love Chat

21st June - Blonde beauty Vanda has been chatting with her boyfriend online while he's away on vacation, she misses him so badly. The conversation's gotten a bit heated and if Vanda can't have her man pleasure her, she'll take the next best thing, her hand rubbing her perfect pink shaved pussy. Sliding off her robe, the only other thing covering her body other than some cute striped knee high socks, the slim blonde teen starts to caress her body just like her lover would. Hands gently caressing her small tanned breasts, sliding down over her hips, pausing at her hip bones, wishing it was her man grabbing them just before he pushes inside of her agonizingly tight teen pussy. After rubbing her clit for a while, she's aching to cum, desperately wishing it wasn't her hands doing all the work. Turning to her side, Vanda closes her hands around her hand, this is her favorite way to be taken by a man. Legs closed tight and using her slim legs and hips for leverage as he thrusts deep inside of her. Sadly all she's got are her fingers, but she's an expert at using them. Using her palm to rub her clit around as she pushes two fingers inside of her, Vanda rolls her hips around and soon is lost in her orgasm, fantasy and reality blurring, she swears she can feel her boyfriends hands bringing her to orgasm. After she's come down from the high that her pleasure has brought her, she hops back online to tell her man all about it. ...Read More
Vanda - Glamorous Like The Legend


31st August - Vanda is already one of our top faves here on the site, with superbly pretty size 7.5 feet. This is her third HLF scene. But, say, what 1960s movie actress does this Hungarian honey's face remind you of? The legendary Tuesday Weld, maybe, one of the hottest stars who ever graced the Hollywood firmament? We think so! Well, you can see that Vanda is even wilder than Tuesday ever could be on-screen, as she teases Thomas Stone in her tight red skirt, nude gartered nylon stockings, and wildly-designed ankle strap high heels. They're in an office setting, but little work gets done as Vanda gets Tommy glomming on her feet in the nylons, through which we c... ...Read More